• Leadership in marketing with Stephen Barrett

  • Posted on February 14, 2016
  • For more than twenty five years, Mr. Stephen Barrett has served in different positions with various companies. He is the senior vice president and director of marketing at Waddell & Reed/Ivy Funds. He is also the managing director and chief marketing officer of Eaton Vance. Mr. Barrett also recently held the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Mariner Holdings. He has an excellent track record in leading marketing teams. His marketing led teams have won various industrial awards. Among the awards that his teams have won include industry award for creative design, content excellence, brand campaigns, sales success, and philanthropic initiatives.

    Mr. Barrett started his marketing career with Fidelity investment in the 1990s. He is the founder of IronMarketing partners, a boutique-consulting firm focused on select financial services brands. He also helped co-found Classic Investment Managers. Stephen graduated with bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from Wesleyan University.

    Mr. Stephen Barrett is an experienced marketer and a leader. Due to his leadership quality and influence, he is currently Chief Brand Ambassador for MindLift. MindLift is a company that provides Fortune clients with management, technology and engineering services in Customer Experience, Identity and Access Management and Big Data Analytics. Mr. Barrett's expertise is more established in the field of branding, Relationship Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Product Management & Development, Marketing Communications, Market Analysis & Development and Marketing Strategy.

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